Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sex, Blood and Glory by Elijah Wingnut

Sex, Blood and Glory
A Glorious Return

by Elijah Wingnut

You’ll need a big imagination, a broad mind and a raunchy sense of humour to read the Sex Blood & Glory series; it has no regard for genre.
In book I, in the year 2045, 21 year-old Nate is transported to ancient Rome. Sold into slavery, he found historic events outside their timelines, his cell phone maintained a connection to the future where time was running 50 times faster than in the past, and small people were flying above him of shields made of crystal. He sees a girl who reminds him of one he left behind in the future. Despite her being far above his new social station, a Vestal Virgin and sister to the emperor Caligula, Nate is determined make her his.
After 8 months in ancient Rome, 33 years in the future, Nate has established himself within the family of his owner, and made progress in winning the heart of the emperor’s sister.
In Book II, A Glorious Return, Nate takes an opportunity to travel to Judea where her serves alongside Spartacus in the legions of Titus. He engages in the Romans ruthless siege of Jerusalem, meets and befriends Jesus, and is given a holy task. After losing his friends in the future, Nate is determined not to lose another. Will he be able to save Christ from crucifixion, will the atheist accept his holy task, and will the girl still be there for him on his return to Rome?
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I was in high school when The Hobbit gave me my first taste of fantasy novels. Years later, when on business in Sydney, I wandered into a book store and happened across a copy of The Lord of the Rings. The world of hobbits in LOTR rang a familiar bell. I purchased the book and have since read it so many times that the spine is falling apart, but none of the pages are dog eared.
Other epic fantasy series to capture my attention have been Dune, The Magician, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and the Wheel of Time. I have also enjoyed reading the novels of Jackie Collins; the bitches and bastards, humour and relationships in her books have entertained millions.
And so I asked myself - what if I could massage the bitches and bastards and humour into a fantasy storyline? I would read that. The thought gave birth to the Sex, Blood and Glory series. I have enjoyed writing and reading it. The first book is complete, the second almost, and the third and forth have storylines drafted. I hope you enjoy them too.
I live about an hour north of Sydney, Australia. I use Elijah Wingnut as my pen name because the idea of a fictitious world written by a fictitious author appeals to me.

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