Friday, October 9, 2015

Pursuing Grace Shifter Chronicles Prequel by Anita Cox

Pursuing Grace
Shifter Chronicles Prequel
by Anita Cox
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Though Grace McGovern just graduated college, she’s restless, and to top it off, she finds herself single and unsatisfied with relationships in general.
Roman intends to claim Grace and make her his mate and part of his pack. He’s searched for her for five years and now she’s within his longing grasp, apart from one minor problem. She has no idea she’s a wolf.
As Grace tries to identify and cope with her inner wolf, she also needs to figure out the unprecedented and undeniable pull Roman has on her. Could he finally offer her the fulfilling relationship for which she’s been yearning?

In 2014, she became a Director for the Erotic Author's Guild. Her altruistic nature found its purpose, assisting other erotic authors with issues specific to the genre.
With a busy home life, Anita manages to ferret out enough time for each hat she must wear, though writing is what she enjoys most. When she isn’t writing, she’s herding teenagers, playing pack leader to her two enormous dogs and petting the cat, when it allows her the privilege. On occasion, she’s been known to kidnap Mr. Cox and head to the nearest lake, where they make bets on who will catch the first fish.
Genres / subject matter you can expect to see from Anita: Contemporary, Ménage, Erotic Romance, Erotic Suspense, and all things naughty.

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