Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Summer of Tsunami Legacy Book 1 By S. Campbell Williams***

The Summer of Tsunami
Legacy Book 1
By S. Campbell Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Tsunami Monroe is a black woman, who goes to stay with family in the segregated town on Lexington, Virginia in the 1961. Even though she is an introvert and desires to remain reclusive, her quiet demeanor attracts the attention of two white men in town, whom happen to be best friends. As Tsunami struggles to understand her own unresolved emotional issues, the tenacious Paul Morrison pursues an improbable romance with her. Amidst the social taboo of the time, jealousy and bigotry began to flourish. Paul's best friend, William Baker, and the townspeople become aware of what has been developing between the two. Paul gets put to the absolute test when he has to reckon between his friend, his town and what he found the summer of Tsunami.

S. Campbell Williams lives in Old Lyme, CT with her husband and two children. I have earned a Master's Degree in Health & Healing but have always found a voice in writing. I have developed & written curriculums for multiple youth programs, ranging from snapping turtle research with National Geographic to building wooden boats and drums with inner city children. In addition to the above, I am a thespian, a dancer, a singer, a craftswoman an artist and above all else, a storyteller.

I started writing poetry and songs by the age of thirteen, and by sixteen, the idea for The Summer of Tsunami came to me. My children and I are the products or many generations of interracial coupling, as I too have married outside of my race. This story came to me, when I experienced firsthand how difficult being a part of an interracial relationship could be. Upon deeper consideration, I found myself wondering how even more difficult it must have been for my parents and grandparents for that matter. As I explored these thoughts and feelings, "The Summer of Tsunami" was born and after almost two decades of thinking about the story, I finally sat down and wrote it. Upon completion of this story, the ideas for several others relating to it, began unraveling in my mind. Creating my Legacy series.

In addition to my novels, I also have several children's books written, regarding nutrition, behavior, friendship and some just for fun. Happy Reading!

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